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Who Are We?


Thrive Tribe Movement is…

just that - a movement. We are a NYC-based, weight neutral, trans-affirming, body positive networking company. Our mission is to bring like-minded individuals together to create a safe space for those in marginalized bodies to interact, move, and fight for equal treatment of all bodies. We are, in short, self love advocates and body positive activists.

This company was founded in 2016 when our owner and Chief Trainer, Meg, became fed up with the toxic body standards preached by society, especially by those in the fitness industry. She recognizes her privilege as a cis white woman in a straight-sized body and fights to use that privilege to make a change. She believes it is not the job of those being marginalized to explain why they deserve fair treatment by society. It is, rather, the job of those with her privilege to have these conversations.

Thrive Tribe Movement holds monthly events to bring our community together, as well as a monthly body positive book club and a Strong Babes program for exercise beginners who want a judgment-free zone to find their joyful movement. For more information or details about a collaboration, drop us a line on our contact page!

About Meg

Our Chief Trainer Meg was born and raised in New York City and struggles to remember a time in her childhood when she didn’t loathe her body. She is now years in recovery from anorexia nervosa and very open about her struggles with eating, clinical depression, and anxiety. Her experiences have given her a unique take on being a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, where she encourages all of her clients to ditch dieting, smash their scales, and focus on movement that makes them feel powerful.

Meg spends what little time she has free writing young adult fantasy novels and hanging out with her fiance, pitbull, and black cat in Brooklyn.

She is certified by ACE in personal training and group fitness, pre/postnatal certified by PROnatal, PN1 certified by Precision Nutrition, and Russian Kettlebell certified by Dragon Door.