Don't Fall Into the 'Appetite Suppressant' Trap

F*CKING ‘appetite suppressants,’ am I right? 

This blog post is brought to you by pure frustration over incessant advertisements for appetite suppressant lollipops. First, Kim Kardashian jumped on the bandwagon with a tweet praising this product, calling it ‘unreal’ and giving out a discount code. Then, an enormous ad went up in New York City’s Times Square telling cravings to ‘#suckit.’ 

Thankfully, a ton of people in the online body love and body positive communities have gotten up in arms about these B.S. products and the message they send to society (and Flat Tummy Co. has blocked EVERY negative response on Instagram. Keep ‘em coming.) The Thrive Tribe, for one, is mad as hell that these are allowed to exist. However, we are setting our emotions aside to look at the science behind these and other appetite suppressants, and how they affect the human body. 

These lollipops brag they use satiereal which is supposed to make you feel satiated and, hey, it’s extracted from PLANTS so it must be amazing. It’s true that satiereal contains saffron which can have certain health benefits (studies have been done to this effect, but we do not have enough evidence to know for sure,) but that DOES NOT mean putting it in a lollipop is effective or even good for you. They are advertised as a ‘supplement’ which is a fancy way of saying they are not approved by the FDA so we have NO IDEA if they’re safe or not. 

Besides satiereal, these lollipops also contain sugar. Their main ingredient is sugar. These are actual lollipops with a bit of saffron and they’re supposed to replace snacks? 

Just eat a regular lollipop without the gimmicks. You’ll save your money. 

And, ingredients aside, let’s focus on the ‘appetite suppressant’ part of this. We’re going to make this very clear: SUPPRESSING YOUR APPETITE IS NEVER EVER A GOOD THING. Hunger and cravings are the body’s way of telling you it needs nutrients. Feeling hunger is the body’s way of being like ‘hey, you with the opposable thumbs, I need food in me to keep us ALIVE.’ Trying to suppress hunger will just confuse your body - it will throw off your hunger cues (making intuitive eating pretty impossible,) mess up your metabolism (because depriving your body of the food it needs makes it HOLD ON FOR DEAR LIFE to everything you take in,) and it will make you pretty damn miserable (trying to satisfy hunger with a 35 calorie lollipop leads to hanger.) 

Chief BoPo Trainer Meg has had a lot of experience suppressing her hunger in the past when she struggled with Anorexia Nervosa. She can tell you from personal experience that any supplement to suppress your appetite is a scam, ineffective, and overall just really really bad for you. 

What can you take from all of this? Say a giant ‘F*CK OFF’ to any and all appetite suppressants and people and companies who promote them. They count on us to not educate ourselves on how bodies work so they can sell their products. It’s time for us to say NO MORE.