Do You Like What You Eat?

Thrive Tribe Movement is into week 3 of its Strong Babes program, which means we are getting more and more into teaching the foundations of intuitive eating to our small groups. Believe it or not, a huge part of finding food freedom is figuring out what you ENJOY eating.

How many times have you added a food into your diet because it’s supposedly good for you? How many times have you cut something you enjoy out of your diet because it’s supposedly bad for you? Society praises us for eating bland meals that fit the pop culture fitness idea of ‘clean eating,’ and suddenly meals become a total chore.

You’re not going to thrive as an intuitive eater if the act of chewing and swallowing your food becomes just another thing on your already-packed to do list!

So, think - is what you eat bringing you joy? Do you actually like the food you eat on a regular basis?

One of our community asked herself this question and realized she had cut out certain ‘safe’ foods from her diet as a rebellion against her disordered eating days. Another in our community came to terms with the fact that she does not like kale literally AT ALL, and should instead focus on eating other veggies that taste good to her.

When first delving into the intuitive eating world, I (Chief BoPo Trainer Meg) knew I had a TON of hard work to do on this front. Despite being out of the danger zone of my eating disorder, I still routinely ate ‘healthy’ meals that weren’t appealing to me. Also, I religiously avoided fear foods! These habits are what I like to call ‘sneaky’ dieting - I wasn’t actually on a diet, but I was still adhering to diet rules.

So, I made a list. I wrote down things I regularly ate, and made notes on each item detailing if I actually liked eating the item, or was just eating it for ‘health’ reasons (kale is a wonderful example of this.) Then, I made another list of foods I remember myself enjoying in the past that I avoided for ‘health’ reasons (like bagels! I hadn’t eaten a bagel in YEARS.)

Once I had these lists, I set a goal: eat at least one of the foods I’d avoided per week, and don’t eat one of the foods I was eating for ‘health’ reasons if other more appealing options are available. It’s been a long, ongoing, and LIFE CHANGING process.

I realized how much I slow down to really ENJOY my food when I eat something I’m looking forward to. I realized that some of the foods I’d avoided don’t taste as amazing to me as I thought they did when they were ‘off-limits.’ I realized peanut butter, banana, and chocolate is everything in my life, and rich sweets are good to me in small quantities, and jelly beans and gummies are where it’s AT. I realized that I love croissants with chocolate or almond in the middle, and madeleines dipped in frosting and dusted with sugar. I realized sometimes I like milk and sugar in my coffee.

Once I started actually, TRULY listening to my likes and dislikes, meals became more prioritized and appetizing. There are still times when I’m running from one session to the next and grab a quick bite of something that doesn’t entirely thrill me on the way (you have to eat regardless,) but taking the taboo out of food has taken a huge weight off my shoulders, and has given me the brainspace to run my own business, write novels, take care of my clients, and more.

So, give it a shot. Make your lists. Set your challenge. And know I’m here for you every step of the way <3.


Chief BoPo Trainer Meg