Intuitive Eating Tips and Tricks

Do you think Intuitive Eating is bullshit? I used to. Not in the sense that it is a useless concept, just in the sense that it would never work for me. Now, after delving more into Intuitive Eating the book, I understand that it is a lifelong process that can help if diet culture is truly left behind.

The National Eating Disorders Association defines Intuitive Eating as “...about trusting your inner body wisdom to make choices around food that feel good in your body, without judgment and without influence from diet culture.”

People have a lot of feelings about this (from ‘omagah if I do that then I’ll end up eating cookies for every meal’ to ‘intuitive eating is just giving up,) and it turns out I did too.

For the longest time, I believed I had given up dieting and my body’s hunger cues were never going to recover. However, I was still involved in many subconscious dieting behaviors. I stuck to food rules. I secretly celebrated when forgetting to eat a meal. I still thought of food as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ I based what I ate later in the day on the ‘healthiness’ of my earlier meals. I was not at all giving myself unconditional permission to eat, and THAT is what affected my hunger cues.

So, I put together this list of Intuitive Eating tips for those of you that are curious, but don’t know where to begin. Enjoy, and, as always, please reach out with any questions you have.

  1. Get f*cking mad - Diet culture has been profiting off of society FOR FREAKING EVER. It tells us we’re not thin or pretty enough and that we are failing at life and USES our insecurity to peddle their crap. Feel seething rage for this institution that undermines your ability to appreciate your body.

  2. Stop food substitutions - If you want a cookie and eat a piece of fruit instead, you’re going to be sad. Don’t be sad. If you’re craving something, eat THAT THING.

  3. Sit with your body - You may feel your body has to change. Don’t beat yourself up for this feeling (since it is literally all society says,) but instead take some time to sit with your body. Take stock of how it feels and what it can accomplish.

  4. Rediscover what food you like by EATING IT - No restrictions, no eating what you feel you ‘should,’ just give yourself NO food restrictions (unless medically necessary) and figure out what you really enjoy.

  5. Realize it won’t be perfect - As I said before, Intuitive Eating is a process, and it’s all about taking the guilt OUT of eating. There will be times that diet culture sneaks back in. There will be times where you may binge. But, remember, you can’t fail at intuitive eating. It’s all about listening to your body and giving yourself the FREEDOM to inhabit the body you have without guilt.

Let’s learn together.