Give a F*ck About Your Mental Health

You know what is inherently tied to body liberation? Mental health. And it’s about time you started caring about yours.

This is for all you babes out there who constantly put your mental health on the backburner or let it lapse.

Let’s start by saying - it ISN’T your fault. Most of our lives are a nonstop mess of chaos, with work, family, social obligations, and straight up life. It’s hard to take a moment or two for yourself, and it’s easier to ignore negative emotions when you are constantly ‘on.’ Unfortunately, the blowback from this gets worse every time there is a second to relax.

These consequences could come in the form of extreme body dissatisfaction, self loathing, depression, heightened anxiety, exhaustion, a feeling of failure, and more. We pour and pour from our mostly empty cups and wonder why we aren’t enough.

Take a second.


And, realize, if you’re constantly in between working hard and feeling down, you are not giving enough of a f*ck about your mental health.

A lot of the time, caring about your mental health means NOT caring what others think, and this looks differently to everyone. Giving a f*ck about mental health could mean finally finding a therapist or psychiatrist who can help. It could mean cancelling plans last minute when you need time alone to take care of yourself. It could mean explaining to a close friend or loved one what you have been struggling with lately. It could mean allowing yourself to call out of work for a mental health day, or treating yourself to a nice meal or experience on a rough day. Ways to take care of mental health vary from person to person, and there is certainly no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Sure, you may alienate some people. You may find that some friends aren’t really friends. You may realize your partner isn’t empathetic enough for you. BUT, trust us, it will all be WORTH IT. Giving a f*ck about your mental health just means you’re giving a f*ck about yourself. You 100% deserve at least that.