15 Minutes and No Equipment? You Can Work with That.

There is this weirdo belief going around that movement isn’t worth it unless you can dedicate a full 45 minutes to an hour to spend at the gym. Anything less doesn’t count and isn’t worth the time.

Let’s unpack this, shall we?

Um, excuse us. ‘Doesn’t count’ for what? The whole point of movement is to feel powerful and joyful, and to bust stress. Any amount of movement can help you get there and is worth your time! Also, the movement doesn’t have to be done at the gym. It can be a walk in the park! It can be shadowboxing behind closed office doors. It can be playing tag with your kids, or brief spurts of power walking on the way to work, or a walking meeting. We need to stop putting ‘exercise’ into inflexible boxes, and start to make the definition our own.

So, you only have a 15 minute break to move and don’t know what to do? NO WORRIES, we got you. Try out this simple no-equipment routine that will have you break a sweat and feel better in no time at all.

15 Minute Bodyweight Workout for Badass Babes:

Warmup (4 min)

  1. Jog in place (30s)

  2. Jumping Jacks (30s) - Low impact version is step outs.

  3. Side Lunges on the right side (30s)

  4. Side Lunges on the left side (30s)

  5. Alternating reverse lunges (30s)

  6. Walkouts (30s) - For hand or wrist issues, hold a forearm plank instead.

  7. Kick Ups alternating legs (30s)

  8. Skips (30s) - High Knee Marches for low impact.

Werk werk werk werk werk (9.5 minutes) - 2x through each exercise

  1. Lunge Pulse R side (30s)

  2. Lunge Pulse L side (30s)

  3. Walkout Pushups (30s) - Can be turned into wall pushups for hand or wrist issues

  4. Shoulder Taps (30s) - Can be done against the wall for hand or wrist issues

  5. High Knees in place (45s)

  6. Regular Squats (30s)

  7. Squat Pulses (30s)

  8. Situps (30s) - Crunches work here too

  9. Leg lifts (30s)

  10. Plank jacks (45s) - Can be on your hands or forearms

Stretch in whatever way feels good to you for at least 1.5 minutes. If you need some stretching tips, check out our Daily Stretching blog post!