On Movement and Community

Gyms are always telling you to find workout buddies. Literally, always. Why is this their advice? Well, they maintain that finding someone to exercise with helps you stay accountable, meaning that person gives you incentive to go to the gym when you don’t want to.

This can be helpful for those days when you’re feeling down and movement can make you feel better. This can be detrimental when your body needs a break. We at the Thrive Tribe Movement believe it’s much better to focus on all the ways being part of a community that involves movement can ENHANCE your life while allowing you to listen to your body. Wouldn’t you agree?

So, we asked our community and compiled a list of things our members LOVE about working out with friends (bonus: it doesn’t involve running your body into the ground!):

  1. That Stress You Have - Scientific studies have shown that working out in a group can significantly lower your stress levels, even more than working out alone. We have a hunch that it’s the smiling and support of others that busts stress, but that could just me us ;).

  2. Any Excuse for Friend Time - We’ve found that participating in a scheduled movement activity is actually a GREAT excuse to spend time with friends. For example, our Thrive Tribe Community hike, brought together close friends who hadn’t made time for each other in a while.

  3. Feeling Proud - Have you ever given or received a high five in an exercise class? We hope so. When people come together for a difficult workout, they tend to cheer and congratulate each other on a job well done. This can lead to being V. proud of yourself.

  4. Strengthening a Friendship - Nothing says ‘we’ve been through so much and I love you’ like completing a difficult physical task together.

  5. Meeting New Friends - If you spend enough time sweating with the same people, chances are you’re going to figure out their names.

  6. Trying New Things - Spending your movement time with another person can encourage you to take a chance on a new form of movement, or a new exercise or weight.

  7. Automatic Friend for Post-Movement Fuel - Well, you gotta eat after you move! And when you’re moving your body in a community, you have at least one person who is your go-to snack buddy ;).

What’s your favorite thing about working out with others?