Screw New Year's Resolutions

It’s been 2019 for FOUR DAYS, now, which means New Year’s Resolutions are running rampant. Every year, on December 31st, everyone sits down to evaluate how they would like to change their lives starting RIGHT THE F*CK AWAY. Some of the more popular resolutions are: eat healthier, work out more, drink more water, meditate daily, and don’t let the negativity in.

For the first 2-3 days of January, things are going great. You’re meditating every day. You joined a gym. You’ve meal prepped. You feel so accomplished. However, once you get to day 4 or 5 (at least, that’s all it takes for Chief BoPo Trainer Meg) you start to burn out. Resolutions feel like a chore, which makes you abandon them, which makes you feel like a failure.

Additionally, so many New Year’s Resolutions are body image and diet-based that they end up exacerbating the toxic diet culture we are trying to get RID of. Just google ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ and you’ll be faced with a variety of articles on how to ‘keep’ the ‘right’ resolutions which basically tell you what to do to lose weight.

So, screw making resolutions.

The thing we have to realize is that we are working toward making change in our lives every single day, even when it feels like we aren’t. Using an arbitrary time event (change in year) to try to make big, sweeping life changes all at once RARELY makes those changes stick. It just ends up putting too much pressure on us and facilitating stress.

And, what about looking back on New Year’s Resolutions at the end of the year? Have you ever evaluated past resolutions and feel like you’ve wasted a year? Why the hell would we actively participate in something that makes us feel like the last 365 days of our lives were a WASTE!? Trust us, a year living is NEVER a year wasted.

Moving forward in life, which is making lasting change, requires a series of SMALL steps and GRADUAL changes to get closer to what makes you happy. Whether you realize it or not, you’re already putting in the work.

What’s the main thing to realize, however? That life is MESSY. You don’t know what will happen in this next year. You don’t even know what could happen tomorrow. Resolutions are a way for us to try to be in control of all of the unknown ahead, but we should instead EMBRACE it. Come to terms with the fact that we will not be in control of a LARGE PORTION of what happens in our lives, and instead honor how we move through these uncontrollable things.

Does this mean we should stop trying for change altogether? Of course not! You can set goals without end dates. You can allow yourself to try to do something daily or weekly that helps your mental health (like see friends more often, find a Body Positive Trainer, get actively angry at diet culture and the f*cking skinny teas celebrities are promoting, for example.) The idea is to give yourself some leeway to create actual, lasting, change, as opposed to trying to alter a big thing right away.

Instead of making resolutions, we at the Thrive Tribe Movement challenge you to make a list of everything from the last year you are PROUD of. Things you did, that YOU accomplished, and how you MOVED FORWARD. It could be something as personally empowering as getting out of bed after a long bout of depression. Make the list. Write it down. Hang it somewhere you look at every day. And, when you see it, you’ll realize that you have moved forward, and you won’t stop now.