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Red Lentil Noodles are Badass

I first spotted this strange bag of red sedanini in an aisle at Trader Joe’s. It jumped out to me for several reasons. One: it was red. The only red pasta I’ve ever seen was doused in tomato sauce. Two, it is organic! Normally that means nothing to me but on this shopping trip it made me feel fancy. Three, and most importantly, the front of it looked pretty.

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No, Tofu DOESN’T Have To Suck

I rarely go to the grocery store when my boyfriend is away. It’s a strange habit to have developed as a Brooklynite with at least two large grocery stores in walking distance, I know, but my favorite place to get groceries is Trader Joes, which is a subway ride away (and, let’s face it, I go mostly for their dark chocolate peanut butter cups.)

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