Hip Openers for Leg Day

Back in my early lifting days, I wanted to get straight to the fun stuff. You know, the heavy lifting. The sweat. The strain. The power that comes with the lactic acid burn of fatigued muscles. So, I would spend maybe five minutes on a cardio machine, and go straight to lifting weights.

Needless to say, I got injured a lot.

Mimicking the movement in your lifts through a dynamic warmup is KEY to, you know, not getting hurt. And, I get it - you are a busy human. You have maybe 45 minutes allotted to the gym in a given day, and doesn’t a 7-10 minute warmup take away from that precious sweat time?

NO! It actually makes it more effective. I’m sure you’ve been hit over the head with ‘your muscles are rubber bands’ time and time again, but it’s TRUE. The colder the temperature, the more likely the rubber bands are to snap. The colder your muscles, the more likely you’ll strain one.

So, the next time you’re planning on using predominantly your leg muscles in a workout, warm up with these moves first (don’t worry, you can thank us later.):

Note: NONE of these images belong to Thrive Tribe Movement. They are placeholders until our next photoshoot. Thank you!

Opener/Activation Exercises:


Waiters Bow

10 Reps



10 Reps Each Side


Fire Hydrant

10 Reps Each Side



Hold for 30s

Foam Roll (aka Myofascial Release):

Long story short? It breaks up the tight muscles to help them not be strained (also, it’s like you’re giving yourself a massage! I recommend doing this before and after a workout.) Need some foam rolling tips? Check out this helpful article by Greatist.

Cardio (muscle warming):


Bodyweight Squats

20 reps, 2x



20 reps, 2x



15 reps, 2x

ALSO, keep in mind that if you are heavy lifting, you should ALSO add in warmup reps of lifting at a lighter weight (ie, if you’re trying to rack squat 130lbs, do some warm up sets at 70,85,90, leading up to the heavy lift.)

There you have it! Add these into your leg day routine cuz you only get one set of hips (and knees, and arms…)