Online Personal Training with Thrive Tribe Movement

Do you want to train with Chief Trainer Meg but don’t live in Lower Manhattan or Brooklyn? Or perhaps you don’t like leaving your house (samesies!)? Or maybe you are looking for a more cost effective way to get in some affirming AF workouts?

That’s where TTM online training saves the day (and your money!)

What We Offer

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Weekly Hour Long Skype Sessions

Have a video training session from the comfort of your own home or gym on a weekly basis where Chief Trainer Meg evaluates your form and pumps you up.


Extra Programming

You have the option to add on 3 written-for-you workouts a week. These are based on your schedule, your equipment available, and how you want to feel during and after your workouts.


30 Minute Monthly Checkins

At the end of every month of programming, Chief Trainer Meg will schedule a 30 minute videochat with you to evaluate how you’re feeling, what you think, and where you want to go next.

You Choose What Works for You!

Pricing Options

  • 1 Video Session with no add-ons: $60/session

  • 1 video Session a week with extra programming: $90/week

  • Monthly programming 2x a week, no video sessions: $200/month

Are you ready to feel powerful AF? Fill out a training query form to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation!