15 Minute Movement for Stress Relief

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Stress sucks. It really does. Yet, our society is rampant with it. An episode of acute stress sends the body into ‘fight or flight’ mode, increasing your heart rate and filling your body with adrenaline. This is beneficial in a dangerous situation, such as running away from a predator. However, the crazy stressors we face in our day to day can make your body think you need to run away from a predator ALL THE TIME, whether you actually need to, or you just need to get a project submitted on time. This is chronic stress, and it can f*ck you up.

Thankfully, one thing that can help combat an in-the-moment stress response is movement! Completing the exercises below will take 15 minutes max, and help rid your body of adrenaline so you can relax, focus, and get sh*t done.

Warmup (30s each)

  • High Knee Twists

  • Jog In Place (low impact - step side to side)

  • Butt Kickers (low impact - no jumping)

  • Toe Touches (feet together, touch your toes, straighten and stretch up, repeat)

  • Leg Swings

  • Jumping Jacks (Low Impact - same arm movement, but step feet out side to side)

Sweat Fest (30s each, 2x through)

Cool Down (30s each)