Strong Babes Program

Apply to be a Thrive Tribe Strong Babe. This program helps exercise beginners build endurance, build strength, learn intuitive eating, and find your new movement community.


Weekly Small Group Training

Get together with 1 other strong babe as a weekend warrior, fierce freelancer, or epic evening-er! Take part in sessions that work to build your strength and endurance, getting both individualized attention and the camaraderie of being with a buddy.


Weekly Supplementary Workout

Be provided with a prewritten workout to do on your own each week. These workouts are written as supplements to your small group training sessions, and are meant to keep you moving and feeling powerful!


Intuitive Eating Program

Ditch dieting and food fears forever by being taken through a 10 step program to help you listen to your body and get rid of a dieting mentality.

You can experience this comprehensive program for $200/month for 3 months OR by paying $450 in full ($50 savings!)

  • Must be willing/able to travel to small group sessions in Tribeca, NY.

Discover a new way to think about fitness, food, and your relationship to your body with a trainer who challenges you to move and think differently, and a supportive group to share your successes and frustrations.

I think my favorite part of Strong Babes is feeling 100% comfortable walking into an exercise space. I want to enjoy exercising but I hate people. But I like my Strong Babes people so I like this exercising
— Hannah Moch, Strong Babe
I’m almost never comfortable walking into a gym. They (and the people in them) intimidate the heck out of me.
My favorite parts: 1. Walking OUT of the gym — I love starting the weekend with a workout that makes me feel good (on the inside and out). 2. Reading the weekly intuitive eating pamphlet and saying “OHMYGOD MEG GETS ME.
— Kelly Teichman, Strong Babe
Having fun with the people I’m exercising with! Especially when I do things with weights, so often this is an area of the gym that feels especially intimidating, so feeling supported here is so important.
— Liisa Murray, Strong Babe