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Maria Hunter | 35 | New york, Ny

Meg is the first trainer that made me feel like I want to work out because it makes me happy, because I love to feel strong, and because it feels good. No guilt, no body-shaming. I love training with Meg and being a part of this because it’s about focusing on what you love about yourself and connecting with others with the mission of adding more joyful movement and physical/mental wellness to our lives!

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Sian Ricketts | 32 | BROOKLYN, NY

Meg Hopkins is professional, organized, and fun to work with! I have been very impressed with her attention to form and by her enthusiasm for helping me conquer long-term physical challenges. She is also extremely flexible in terms of scheduling. I have loved working with her, and can't wait to continue!

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I'll just put it simply: she kicks my ass and it's AWESOME!